I started Down with drummer Darren Millburn in late 1993, a few months after the demise of our previous band Baby Glass. Much more raw and punky than any of my other bands, primarily due to the Johnny Thunders/Peter Perrett obsession that I was going through at the time. Phil Swan also featured on bass for our recordings.

We never made it as far as a proper studio, but we did of course record the legendary Bearing Traders Sessions I & II. Or to put it another way, on a couple of occasions we recorded a few songs in a warehouse with a 4-track. You can hear a few of these below.

Down eventually disbanded in August 1995, about a month after we finally started to sound quite good - Barry Taylor on bass and John DeSimone on keyboards improving the band considerably. But such was my despondency with the whole experience that I didn't start another band for a whole year. Below is a video clip from our last gig, at Aston Clinton's Bulls Head Gig in a Garden Festival, and another from the Roundabout in High Wycombe featuring the "classic" line up with Phil Swan on bass.

If you'd like to learn more about this legendary act, you can read the full tale here - THE DOWN STORY .
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